Experience, expertise and equipment define Steel America.

Steel America is a custom steel fabrication shop and large scale machining service provider with complex mechanical and electrical capabilities. It has a unique ability to fabricate heavy, high-cube structures, up to 1,000 metric tons in modular form, for delivery by barge directly from the shop to waterborne project locations. With in-house estimating, engineering, and project management, each project is assured of on-time, on-budget completion to exacting standards. Quality and inspection oversight is performed at each step of the project beginning with material receipt and inspection, fit-up, welding, coatings, and then final delivery. Experience, expertise, and equipment define Steel America as the premier fabrication and machine shop.


Founded in 1875, Colonna’s Shipyard Inc., opened its doors as a full-service ship repair facility located on the Eastern branch of the Elizabeth River. In the early 90’s, Steel America branched off as a division to meet market demands for industrial plant expansions and other on-shore fabrication projects. Over time, Steel America developed further capabilities and certifications to meet the market demand in other sectors including marine infrastructure, power generating stations, industrial plants, oil & gas components and civil structures. Steel America has developed into one of the leading fabrication shops on the East Coast, and one of the leading and most precise machine shops in the United States.

Industries Served


The marine market is a very natural fit for Steel America due to its CSI roots, proximity to the water, and comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Moving forward, Steel America is making a concerted effort to cultivate relationships and develop new business around the following products to meet the needs of the marine market: Caisson Gates, Heavy Infrastructure Fabrications, Aircraft Carrier support projects, Jigs & Fixtures, Vessels & Dry Dock Panels, Ship Components, and Sponsons.


The power industry contains a very broad and diverse set of customers. The products and services Steel America market by customer group include:

  • Fabrications for New and Existing Power Plants: Ductwork, Pipe Spools & Racks, Stacks, Air Cooled Condensers with Components, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Vessels, and Emissions Control Modules
  • Onsite Shutdown Support: Fabricate and Assemble Equipment Skid Mount Packages, Provide an Onsite Team to Install Skid Packages, Provide Labor for Shutdown Work
  • Hydro: Flood Control Gates, Hydro Components, Caisson Gates, Bulkhead Gates, Cofferdams, Stop Logs, Shaft Fabrication and Repairs, Wicket Gates, Turbine Shafts, Sector Gates, Tainter Gates, Piers, Floating Docks, Shiplifts


The industrial sector was the foundation for developing the Steel America division of Colonna’s Shipyard. Steel America’s heavy lift capacity and top-notch welders and machinists are what sets Steel America from its competitors. The products and services Steel America market include: ductwork, large scale fabrications, and facility operations.